Why Service at a Dealership

January 11th, 2020 by

The key to keeping your Mazda running safely and smoothly for years to come is keeping up with routine maintenance. The best way to do so is to schedule regular service visits with Bert Ogden Mission Mazda.

There are several benefits to servicing at a dealership instead of at a corner garage with mechanics who have no affiliation with Mazda. Here are reasons to service your Mazda at Bert Ogden Mission Mazda.

Certified Technicians

Not all mechanics are created equal. Technicians at Mazda dealerships have undergone the same training and certification as mechanics at other service centers, but they also have specialized training on Mazda vehicles. This enables them to perform more accurate service and make more accurate recommendations for the upkeep of your Mazda. It also makes them more qualified to pinpoint potential issues during routine inspections, which they will do with every oil change and tire rotation.

Genuine Mazda Parts

Mazda vehicles are manufactured with parts specifically selected by Mazda to fit its vehicles. When you have maintenance and repairs done at a corner garage, mechanics will cut corners by using generic parts that do not fit your Mazda perfectly, which could lead to performance and efficiency issues. Mazda dealerships, on the other hand, only use genuine Mazda parts during maintenance and repairs.

Customer Service

As an extension of the Mazda brand, Bert Ogden Mission Mazda strives to maintain the highest quality of customer service. That means friendly welcomes, comfortable waiting areas, larger service bays for faster visits, and transparent pricing.

Warranties and Recalls

If your vehicle comes with service paid for via a warranty, only Mazda dealerships can perform that maintenance free or discounted. Further, only Mazda dealerships can perform the free repairs needed if your vehicle is under a recall.

The next time your Mazda needs serviced, bring it to Bert Ogden Mission Mazda in Mission, TX and we’ll give it the treatment it needs.

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